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Also, don't forget to use the Project Help wiki for tutorials and help guides throughout the project.

What Should I Be Doing?

October 20 -
  • Continue to edit and add content to the wiki of your allocated topic. Try to avoid what we call 'wiki wars' where more than one person is editing a wiki at the same time and some information is lost.
  • Expert advisors and other teachers will be adding constructive comments in the discussion tab of your team wiki. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity and respond to them and ask lots of questions.

October 14 -
  • If you have time can you complete this online survey for Terry Freedman about collaborative projects? Terry is our keynote speaker for this project and will be releasing his presentation soon! He is also going to be an expert adviser across all topics, so think of lots of questions you may want to ask as you continue to explore your areas with your team members.

October 7 -
  • Teams are being formed this week and will be announced as soon as possible
  • In the meantime, your teacher will place you in a topic and theme so you can explore these on the Topics wiki
  • Get started by reading and watching the Friedman video where he talks about The World is Flat
  • Make sure you join the Flat Classroom Project Ning and introduce yourself via a blog post and/or an audio or video file uploaded to the Ning itself, or hyperlinked from your blog
  • Make sure you also join the Group for your classroom...your teacher should have already set this up, if not please remind them
  • Take the opportunity to respond to other students and reach out to get to know them.
  • Become familiar with how to use Diigo, the social bookmarking tool we are using for this project