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Outsourcing is the act that is done in a business and then sending it to another company in which they will perform the same act, the company will then recreate it. Outsourcing involves the transfer of people and sales to a supplier.

There are many steps that can be taken before outsourcing can begin outsourcing:
1. Choose a supplier
2. Make negotiations and a contract
3. Transform the company to where it will work better
4. Renew or terminate the contract.

Current News

Off shore outsourcing has been an ongoing trend and is expected to continue growing rapidly in the next couple of years, particularly the IT sector serving Western European countries. There are two main reasons behind this growth. According to Ernst & Young, a global leader in assurance, tax transaction and advisory services, the two reasons outsourcing is expected to expand in European companies is that the Euro is very strong compared to other currencies, and the corporate competition with the rising standards of global economy.

These Western European companies outsource to cheaper labor countries such as India in order to gain maximum profit from the final product. Although outsourcing may seem like a good idea, it is predict that in the long run the countries might suffer from unemployment due to the fact that other countries are working for the company’s benefits.[1]

If you thought that global outsourcing was going on in big corporations alone, you thought wrong. Global outsourcing is taking place in more and more small businesses each day. Main Street businesses such as car dealers and advertising agencies are farming out software development, accounting, and support services, and design work to distant lands. [2]

Areas of Impact


Elementary School
Parents may find that by outsourcing their children’s education to another country, their child can get a jump-start on the other kids their age, because it is a well-known fact that other countries are now ahead of the U.S. in education.

Middle/High School
Tutors from other countries can be available from around the clock and may be contacted over the Internet. So if a kid needs help on something RIGHT NOW, he/she can find it.

College Education
A down side to outsourcing Education is the drop of enrollment in high tech fields like computer science. The enrollment for this field has dropped 19%, and the number of newly declared majors has dropped 23%. These fields no longer give American students much stability because China and India have now found it a national priority to train students in these tech/computer fields.

It took a very long time to understand the concept that education can possibly be affected by outsourcing. It really is true that the earth is flat. Education can be outsourced through the Internet. A 2005 New York Times article is a great example of education being outsourced from one country to another. The news article speaks about a girl living in Malibu, California getting tutored by professional tutors in Cochin, India via the Internet.These tutors are available at all times and can communicate through e-mails, instant messaging and videos. If it weren’t for the advancement in Internet communication, outsourcing education would have never been possible.


Government, Politics and Employment

Analyze these two areas of impact which are Government and Politics as well as Employment in the workplace. Include a brief summary/ abstract of up to 200 words on this page. Include one or more relevant images.

Group 6C:

Problems in Politics:
Lately, politics have been affected by outsourcing through the economy. The economy is a major topic of debate for politicians especially in the United States, as it allows jobs to be filled by foreign employees, diminishing opportunities for homeland workers to obtain jobs. While outsourcing has many benefits for businesses, such as savings in cost of production of goods, improvement in quality of goods, or the reduction of the time before the product is introduced to the market, it contributes very negatively to the economy at home. Politicians debate constantly about whether or not to allow outsourcing or, how could outsourcing be incorporated into the country's economy to maximize benefits for that country. Outsourcing is very much frowned upon by the middle and working classes, as it eliminates possible jobs for that population, destroying opportunities for them. Politicians must better have a practical solution for Outsourcing if they hope to be elected to a government position.

The Politics of Outsourcing

The government and economics of offshore outsourcing

Problems in Employment:
Outsourcing definitely has a huge impact on employment. Outsourcing may cause employment problems for the countries that outsource to other cheaper labor countries. If too much outsourcing is done, then there will be very few labor employees in the country where the corporations are held. This will greatly affect the employment rate of the country that is outsourcing. Conversely, outsourcing increases the employment rate in the country that is manufacturing the goods. For example Levi's; an American clothing company, outsources to cheap laboring countries such as Egypt. Levi's affects America's employment rate because it is giving job opportunities to cheaper Egyptian laborers. In conclusion, as a way for Levi's to maximize profit, it gives American job opportunities to cheaper Egyptian laborers.[4]

According to a December 2004 study by INPUT, outsourcing will have an 8.3 percent increase by the 2009 fiscal year in the US Federal government system. The budget will go from $11.7 billion in a fiscal year 2004 to $17.4 billion in fiscal year 2009, which means that the US government itself is outsourcing more than ever, a process that began with the Y2K crisis, when the US government and companies did not have enough computer programmers to fix their aging computer programs.

How outsourcing creates and destroys jobs
Offshore outsourcing

The University of Texas Health Services (UTHS) has successfully outsourced several context functions: front-desk staffing, health care support staff (medical assistants [MAs], licensed vocational nurses [LVNs]), billing and collection functions, managed care/ insurance contract negotiation and maintenance, and credentialing services.[5] The problem is the fact that we are outsourcing jobs that Americans could very well fill themselves. To solve this issue, we need more students graduating from college going into the medical field. These jobs can be filled if we have the education to go into them.

Outsourcing creates many employment related problems.
People in countries such as the US loose their jobs due
to cheaper labor costs in countries such as China:
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external image getAsset.aspx?ItemID=39355


Globalization allows leaders from around the world to collaborate.


Arts, Entertainment and Leisure

Analyze the topic's impact on the Arts, Entertainment, and Leisure. Include a brief summary on this main page of up to 200 words. Include one or more relevant images.
Due to the globalization new art collectors coming from all over the world have pulled away art from its traditional centers in Europe and United States.
[]Now there is much broader global distribution, its not only a conversation between Europe and United States and the Internet is helping international collectors to showcase their work to a broader audience.
globalization_by_batetooz.jpg Hip-Hop-Japan-Cover.jpg

Science, Environment and HealthYourbusiness-and-the-environment.jpg=

Globalization has changed the way people think about the environment. If there is a environmental problem, say pollution, we do not think of it as a national problem anymore, we address it as a international problem and because of this, many international groups have been formed( Greenpeace, United Nations Environmental Program and theWorldwatch Institue) . Many people think that globalization will harm the environment because when businesses grow, pollution follows. Outsourcing may help this problem because it would allow a little more widespread businesses from different parts of the world.

Local Interview on Globalization and Outsourcing:

I thought it would be appropriate to add an opinion on Outsourcing by someone who has experienced it.
The Questions I asked was to a local Winona, Minnesota man. 1. What Happened in their situation 2. What they believe the advantages and disadvantages of Outsourcing are. 3 Thier opinion on it the topic.
He Said:
(Advantage 1)
The low cost of these goods has allowed me to compete with companies much larger than mine. Everyone wants the best they can buy for the least amount of money. This is the primary reason WalMart has been so successful.
(Advantage 2)
I can make anything anyone else can make anywhere in the world. I don't have to have a factory all I need to do is sell what I am having made and it can be of the highest quality at the best price.
(Technology) I have been buying products from one gentleman in China for 6 years and I have never met him and never spoken to him. All of our communications have been through email.

From my perspective innovation is the single most important characteristic of a competitive country. The USA has had an excellent track record of innovation. If we want to continue to compete in the global marketplace that is the area in which we need to excel.
As the standard of living increases through out the world, driven by outsourcing, more consumer have buying power and the standard of living for these countries increases. With that the demand for the best most innovative products also increases.
(21st Century) In my opinion, the job skill needed in the USA in order for us to remain competitive relate to innovation in just about every industry.

Team Members

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Education: Dallas P. Jasmin B (Australia)
Government Politics and Employment: Atheel El Malik (QA),
Arts, Entertainment and Leisure: Zlat Popzlatev (LACHSA),
Science, Environment and Health: Waddah. A (Qa), Shonna W. (GHS),
Current News: Khalid Sharara
Current News/Local Interview: Amelia Price (WSHS)
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Khalid S. (AIS-R)
Dallas P. (U.S)
Amelia P. (WSHS)
Ruwindi S. (PLC)
Pablo M.(Spain)
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