Essential Resources

Project Web 2.0 Toolbox

These are the Web 2.0 tools that cement the connections and allow classrooms from around the world to communicate and collaborate online.
For a full set of tools used in 2006 see the Flat Classroom Project Overview
  • Blogs:,
  • Wikis – Discussion Tab to talk, RSS subscriptions, embedding multimedia
  • Elluminate (synchronous Communications)
  • - social networking to join all participants in a virtual environment
  • Youtube, TeacherTube – Videos uploaded online
  • Skype to bring experts into class
  • Delicious – Social bookmarking
  • Bloglines – for RSS
  • Google Notebook – to track sources to cite.
  • Evoca – to record and post introductions
  • Facebook and Myspace to connect and talk abut the project
  • Firefox and live bookmarks to keep track of things
  • Windows Movie Maker/ PhotoStory/ Audacity
  • Meebo – the project managers kept office hours.
  • Flickr – to share photos
  • CamStudio – to create sceencasts
  • Twitter – help them see what the other is doing
  • SlideShare – to share slideshows
  • Grazr widget to pull RSS tags as appropriate
  • Clustrmap to show what countries people were from
  • Airset – set it up so we were each in our time zone and could schedule meetings with each other and see when the others were in the classroom. Used it to find when we were in class at the same time
  • Gtalk, Skypechat
  • Pretty May to record skype conversations
  • Logitech QuickCams w/ avatars
  • Macromedia Flash animations – PhotoShop, Adobe products

Tagging Standards

Tags are words that are used to describe bookmarks. Unlike folders we can use tags as much as we want. We can also rename or delete these tags anytime one wishes to. It can be chosen informally and personally. They are used in dynamic, flexible automatically generated internet taxonomies for online resources such as computer files, web pages, digital images and internet bookmarks such as
  • All items for the Flat Classroom project should be tagged: flatclassroomproject2008 (or appropriate year)
  • Anything to be archived for the entire project: flatclassroomproject
  • A full set of tags to be used foar all aspects of the project can be found on the Tagging Standards wiki