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Innovation, Invention, and Prediction

In Dan Pink's book A Whole New Mind, Pink says:

"Design is a high-concept aptitude that is difficult to outsource and automate
- and that increasingly confers a competitive advantage in business." (Pink 86)

"To be a designer is to be an agent of change," says Barbara Chandler
Allen from Philadelphia's Charter High School for Architecture and Design. (Pink 86)

"The wealth of nations and the well being of individuals now depend on
having artists in the room." (Pink 86)

For this topic you will innovate, invent, or predict what will happen in areas related to your trend. All videos may be dramatic, first person, or in third person and all videos must have an outsourced clip. You may look at the Video Hall of Fame for ideas, however, don't let past work limit you.

How do I create a video on my topic?

Your assignment is to design and innovate as it relates to your topic. Although each individual creates their own video, each of you must include some video from a partner in another classroom. Your videos may be related designs and innovations or completely different, it is up to you.

Your job is to innovate, to envision the future... to invent a better way... to design what tomorrow will look like based upon this trend shaping our world today.

Consider these guiding questions:
  • What is the future direction of your topic, or something related to your topic?
  • How will this thing or practice change the way we do everyday things in our lives (eg the way the telephone changed the way we communicate, and now the mobile phone changes the way we socialise and interact)
  • What are the features of this new innovative design?
  • How will it be used by people around the world? For pleasure, meaning, beauty?
  • In what areas? eg health, education, business, government?
  • Can it be used to promote cultural understanding?