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The internet was first thought of by Levi C. Finch and Robert W. Taylor in the 1960’s. Their idea eventually led to the internet and the World Wide Web that we use today. The internet has flattened the world because it has made it where you can talk to people on the other side of the world just as quick as you could talk to someone that lives next door to you.internet.jpg

1 A Social Entrepreneur is someone who sees a social problem and uses labor capital knowledge and creativity to organize and manage venture to make social change .They don't look to make a profit but often work through non-profits and citizen groups to make an impact on society.

some work in private and government sectors.
1 Modern global communication takes place first and foremost on the Internet. The Internet evolved from a number of private computer networks controlled by the US Department of Defense and educational institutions, such as APRANET (one of the first packet switching networks). Through network mergers, increased public access and in some cases commercialization, the internet evolved into the global network that exists today, linking hundreds of millions of people across the world.
The internet uses a layered approach to transmit data quickly and reliably. The highest layer (layer 7 of the OSI model) is called the Application Layer and is the layer that most users interact with. There are a number of popular applications that run in this layer including Email, Instant Messaging and Voice/Video communication, the web. The web (short for World Wide Web) is perhaps the best known "network" that runs on top of of the internet. It is a network of pages (including this one) and sites (collections of related pages from one main supplier) delivered using technologies like HTTP and HTML. Through advanced scripting techniques in web browsers (clients) the web has evolved into a rich medium capable of providing deeply interactive experiences allowing people to collaborate in new and novel ways. In his book, The World is Flat, Thomas L. Friedman describes the internet "as a seemingly magical virtual realm where individuals could post their digital content for everyone else to access."
Individual users of the internet gain a connection through 'last-mile' providers. Last-mile connections are classified as either narrowband or broadband based on the speed of the connection and there are a number of technologies that are used to power each type of the connection. Narrowband connections include dial-up and ISDN. They provide a slow, but low cost connection to the internet. More advanced broadband based methods of accessing the internet include Cable and DSL on the consumer side and leased-lines such as a T1 or OC-48 on the business end. There is currently development in the area of wireless internet using technologies such as WiMAX and HSDPA, but these services are still in their infancy.connecting_the_world.jpg
1 The invention of the internet and the World Wide Web (WWW) were the first major steps to connecting the world on-line. The net is a network of hardware and connects hardware to hardware in a sense it is a literal world wide web. The Web on the other hand, links documents and data files to each other by the use of web pages and web sites. This allows anyone to access these files form any computer that has an internet connection. Today when you log onto the internet you are accessing the World Wide Web and all of the information that is linked within it.The first website ever posted on the web was and it explained how the World Wide Web works.
But when these two inventions first came out, there was no way to connect the mass population to the internet. This was a major obstacle that had to be cleared if either were to survive. People needed a way to access the internet that was both easy and affordable. So now we have many different methods of access; dial-up, DSL, cable, and even wireless mobile connections. All have allowed people easy and affordable connect to the internet.
In the US all of the afore mentioned connection methods are available. Dial-up was one of the first connections methods and while cheaper is by far the slowest. DSL and cable offer high speed internet connections to people at a higher price. Wireless internet is fairly new and lets users use wireless networks to access the internet. But what is a wireless connection? Wireless connections connect mobile devises and laptops to the internet and therefore allow the internet to be portable

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There is a new world order at hand and it is the development of technology and those who do not respond will be left behind. Nigeria is a country in which they do not have much technology or services, but countries are making the drastic development to becoming technology efficient.Third world countries such as Nigeria have totally skipped the step of having land lines and house phones to having optic fiber laid and using cell phones. This is another way that communication has formed through out the world. A lot of cell phones have connections to get the the web and are very efficient. 80% of the people in Nigeria have the ability in using cell phones.

1 Bangladesh

below there is a link containing information on internet service in Bangladesh. the current development in the internet service is the link of Fiber Opics cable. After the line has been connected which is under the code name SEA-ME-WE4. The connection speed and cost of a broadband line has had massive development this year. the dial-up connection is becoming antique day by day. this has been a great achievement for bangladesh and the service of the internet connection was satisfying.
The Links in the first section contains website address of ISP providers which has offered many types of promotion to increase their sales. most of major ISP companies are now offering Broadband connections at cheaper price compared to the installation chage they used to ask before the submarine line was connecte
1 One Laptop per Child (OLPC), founded by Nicholas Negroponte, is a US based, nonprofit organization created to provide children around the world with a laptop to explore, experiment, and express themselves. This project allows children to be connected to the world at all times. Even in places where electricity is not available, the laptops will be able to connect to the Internet by generators, solar panels, or even a hand crank which is part of the laptop. In order for the laptop to work, it is connected with others in a meshing system. This project focuses on learning, and encourages children to use their passion and curiosity for interactive learning by collaborating with the world.
1 According to the World Internet Usage Statistics the amount of internet usage in the world is approximately 1,463,632,361 people. In North America alone, the percentage of usage of the internet has grown to 129.6% from 2000 to 2008. Every day there are more internet users across the country who are discovering more ways to research by means of the internet. Asia has the second largest internet usage on the Statistics page with 578,538,257 currently using internet, and with Asia becoming more advanced in technology, the number is bound to increase.
Areas of Impact


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Education has come a long way with communication through the Internet. The World Wide Web has been helping students stay connected and interactive. Many schools are now opting to choose to use a one to one computer system. Some schools are requiring that every individual student have a computer, so that classes can be run electronically.

Currently at Mary Institute Country Day School, the administration has decided to go one to one in the classes of 2010 and 2011. This means that all of their classes will be computer based, but still have a teacher. Textbooks are also being put online as well as homework.

Other schools such as Burns Elementary School in Hartford is also trying to stay connected. They currently have a “hyper speed computer network that connects every school district in Connecticut.” This high speed Internet connects other schools, students, and teachers together. The kids share projects on their computers via the Internet, and then are able to speak face to face through the computer screen. Because of this connection, the students at Burns Elementary School are also attempting to connect with other countries like Japan

Internet hit the educational world like a miracle! It was a new way for the students to explore and share knowledge. The old method of searching information by looking through books and encyclopedia was finally considered to be backdated. The Internet is massive in size; the amount of knowledge that can be found is limitless, everyday it is growing with more and more information for the users to look at. It has become a new world and with new language, a world with destinations and addresses to travel to.

As the internet users increased for the purpose of education and research, new search engines were introduced to make life easier, like a yellow page with all the addresses to different websites. In earlier years, MSN and Yahoo were the search engines for internet users to find the website they wanted. In 2000, Google started to conquer the world, and today it is the top rated search engine in the world of Internet. Everyone from young children (under supervision), to adults, to seniors use search engines like Google to find information. Google does take some getting used to, and experience is helpful, so as to filter out the useless sites and select the ones which provide the desired information. Google offers many types of open source software, and a person with a Google account, which is free, has unlimited access to this software. Before Google, most students and teachers relied on books and encyclopedias. Now, when almost any piece of information is required, people will go to Google.

Social networks, when used correctly, create irreplaceable ways to connect and communicate with people all over the world. Being able to correspond to students, teachers, and peers in this way enables them to have a more well rounded and creative view of the 21st century world. This type of virtual communication is becoming increasingly important not only in schools, but also in business.

However, when used incorrectly, they can be very dangerous, especially in the hands of wrong-doers. Yes, although some internet relationships can lead to true love and a happy ending, some can be false, people pretending to be what they're not. We have all seen cases on the news of a psychopath befriending someone (most commonly teenage girls) under the pretense of being someone of similar age and often the same gender. They arrange to meet in person, and the kidnapper strikes. We don't know why they do it, but they do. This is one of the numerous reasons why we must always be careful on social networks. There are modern helpful ways to make sure you know who you're talking to. When joining any social website, put only the required personal information. Do not ever use your full name! Use your first or middle name or make up an alias that only your friends know. If a person wishes to meet you, request a LIVE web cam link.[1]

Government, Politics and Employment

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Some of the middle Eastern countries are having much problems with terrorism and government, but this is not even the main problem at hand. A variety of the middle Eastern countries are suffering from a lack of technology skills."This doesn't mean that the Middle East will disappear off the map." These countries are slowly coming up in the technology world for the next phase in globalization.The technology playing feild is being leveled very quicky to a horizontal state.Businesses are now being able to digatize information and send it around the world.The world is wired and becoming flatter everyday from its original vertical stand point.

Woman search the web looking for health facts and things that may interest them. Men are more visible type beings when is comes to politics.
Campaigners have found this to be very useful in the advertisement of themselves. Campaigners see the health problems that these women are suffering from and try to capitalize on them. These potential voters are being contacted through the internet all around the world. Campaigners are also catching women looking for certain things online such as cooking recipes and putting political adds there for the women that may not want to go to a public campaign. Blogs are being used to reach out to those who may have one in order to persuade voters. Hiliary Clinton bases a lot of her ideas on the needs of women as also works to succeed through using the internet.
Most men do not look into their health as much as women do. Most men will go on the internet to look at a debate or a campaign piece intentionally. Woman care a lot about there health because they are at more risk which causes them to be more cautious . Campaigners who look to persuade women voters to vote for them have found out about the reasons women use the internet and are informing them about themselves.

Presidential debates are being blogged by campaigners. They believe it is a useful way to reach out to the public. Every single candidate in the running for the president of the United States has used the internet to get their word out. The internet is the fastest way of letting people not only from America but from all over the world know what is going on in the presidential elections. Mccain is even fighting to remix on youtube.
Mr. Potter praised YouTube as a “platform for political candidates and the American public to post, view, share, discuss, comment on, mash up, remix and argue over campaign-related videos.”
The internet is extremely important in campaigning for various parties competing for the leadership of a country, as well as for the general public. It provides a public and political environment for individuals and strengthens participation in politics and the community. The public can easily obtain political information, news, specifics about a political candidate or party and can contact public officials, as well as respond to internet petitions. The internet is an outstanding source of information, but it requires computer literacy to be accessible. The more highly educated are much more likely to seek out e-political information and to use the web for convenience because they know how to use it. According to a study done in the US, internet use increases the involvement in traditional politics. The internet is a good source of information, but factors such as location, race and gender prevent people from gaining the skills needed to use a search engine correctly and other basic computer skills.

Most jobs in the workforce now require some IT skills even if they are only very basic, such as being able to use a word processing document. Computer literacy, apart from opening up a whole new world, creates the ability for lifelong independent learning and adaptation. Employment in the low-wage service-sector of economy leaves many people struggling to meet basic needs, and a lack of computer skills prevents them from seeking higher-paying jobs with better working conditions. IT skills enable people to find jobs more easily and secure better employment and higher levels of digital citizenship are held by younger and more educated students. According to the 1999 National Research Council, quote: “skills with specific applications are thus necessary but not sufficient for individuals to prosper in the information age” which shows that to hold a good, well paid job, basic computer literacy skills that have been labeled “FITness” are essential, but individuals need to keep up with the fast-tracked pace of technology. Many businesses have implemented web-based programs and applications because of this.

Arts, Entertainment and Leisure

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Many Arts, Entertainment and Leisure have changed because of the internet. Artists such as Soulja Boy also known as DeAndre Cortez Way became famous by posting his songs on video-based social community YouTube. He received many good review so he made his own web pages on My Space and YouTube. On My Space page gave the rock band Boston more than a feeling abut an amateur singer. They ended up hiring the man as their new lead singer. The lead singer named Tommy DeCarlo, was a credit manager at a Home Depot in North Carolina, it was a dream for him that came true. DeCarlo, 43, was a fan since he was a child, often singing along with CDs or the radio when songs came on the air. When Boston lead singer Brad Delp committed suicide last year, DeCarlo recorded his own karaoke versions of Boston songs and uploaded the MP3s to his My Space page as a tribute. A friend who heard the recordings later encouraged him to contact the band. He sent his link to Boston camp, and he also offrered to sing his song at the tribute show, never thought he'd get a reply. One or two weeks later they thank him for the offer byt at that point they were not going to be an additions to lineup. And that was the end of DeCarlo's rock 'n' roll fantasy- for a few weeks, anyways. Boston founder Tom Scholz's wfe was fiddling around on he rPC when something caught her husband's ear. Scholz thought it was Brad, he said he knows Brads voice, but it wasn't Brad. That was enough for Scholz. He dropped DeCarlo an e-mail and invited him to the tribute, where DeCarlo impressed the bad with his covers. He starts his new job on Friday when teh band kicks off its summer tour in Thunder Bay, Onatario. While it's a reather unorthodox way to replace a band member after a tragedy, the practice of a Web audition could become more common. The band Journey recently hired a new lead singer based on a video clip posted to You Tube.

Marketing on the internet has made the internet another BILLBOARD of our society; it helps to show art like marketing adds of consumer products that not only reach us hear in the USA but in other foreign and third world countries. Many things like art give people perspectives, such as what is acceptable in one country may be not acceptable in other places, but on the internet everything is there. ALL ACCESS to anything entertainment, and art. In someways it gives people other perspectives of other races or types of people. It also helps to open peoples eyes; to show the truth.

The Internet is changing our world in advancements in technology and it is changing the way we think and do things, it also effects the way we experience things. Internet is molding our mind into a new way we will interact, both local and globally. Art has been experienced very differently since the technology advancement of the Internet. Internet changes the way art is presented and the way everyone views art. The Internet has changed the way paintings, drawings, graphics, sculpture, photographs and digital art pieces, are being presented to the world.

You can find certain websites that can show you videos of exactly how you draw, paint, sketch a painting. It can help advance the way people learn skills in art.
The internet is used so much these days. As we all Probably know we use the internet for MY SPACE, MSN, BEBO ,FACE BOOK....etc nearly every day. Do we Know how the internet works? The answer to that Question is:
All over the world people are making websites and posting them on to this big webpage (the Internet) so that other people can see and research what they want.
Such websites can be WIKIPEDIA and Google.
All these sites are is basically a big hunk of info, that people have put there to help other people..(answering Questions) and (teaching people new information)

Science, Environment, and Health

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The internet helps to connect the people around the world in the field of environment.
For example, YouthCaN organization which is a part of iEARN connects many people from different countries in some environmental activities, and the students join some environmental projects. These projects help to make the students aware of saving their environment. They write articles about the environment, post pictures, announcements and share ideas. These organizations connect teachers too and they can meet and discuss related environmental topics. ENO organization is another example and it connects many organizations and schools from different countries to share ideas and to do some environmental activities. On 22nd September, 2008, many students from all over the world celebrate theTree Planting Day. Over 1 500 schools in 122 countries registered and made a pledge of altogether 300 000 trees. They prepared for this day, shared their ideas, discuss related topics and shared their work with some pictures on a special blog.

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