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Wireless Connectivity is the transfer of information over a distance without the use of wires. The signal is in the form of electromagnetic waves. The frequency of the waves beyond the hearing level for humans. References the transmission of information (data, voice etc) over electromagnetic waves rather than over a wire connection.[1]

Wireless communication may be via:
  • radio frequency communication,
  • microwave communication, for example long-range line-of-sight via highly directional antennas, or short-range communication, or
  • infrared (IR) short-range communication, for example from remote controls or via IRDA,
Applications may involve point-to-point communication, point-to-multipurpose communication, broadcasting, cellular networks and other wireless networks

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Wireless Connectivity
There are many forms of wireless connectivity. One form of connectivity is Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a component that can connect with other Bluetooth components. It is a short ranged form of wireless. Is can be only connected near each other, within roughly 30 – 40 ft of each other. It is not like a cell phone from all over the world. Another way things can be connected is satellite. Like GPS navigation, cell phones. These things can be tracked all over the world using a satellite. Another way of connection is radio waves which is has a moderate ranges of signals. For example, “Walkie Talkies” can be connected with each other using radio waves which can be as far as 2-7 miles away from each other depending on how many interferences there are. Like buildings, trees, and other obstructions. An older way of transferring and connecting two things is Infrared. Its an older version of Bluetooth, but you had to be within 10 ft of each other for it to work.

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Areas of Impact

Impact of Wireless Connectivity at Home

Impact of Wireless Connectivity at School

Just the use of Wireless Connectivity allows me to do my schooling completely at home and online. Without the use of cell phones, wireless internet, radios, email, etc., schooling would not be altered in my life. I would remain at the traditional high school, sitting in a desk. It is great being able to use all of the technology that is changing the world daily and this time it is for assignments or to help me with my homework. Online school is the greatest experience that I have participated in, in my entire life. I love learning so much all from the comfort of my computer. It is truly amazing how the world is changing! Having the internet is a great resource for school, It is like have a world at your finger tips!


MPC Corp. has announced the release of its TXTbook PC, a mobile computer designed specifically for students in grades K through 6. The new computers are intended to give schools and parents a cost-effective solution for younger students' technology needs. Everything about TXTbook is optimized for kids. It's lightweight and easy to carry with a built-in handle. The laptops keyboard is much bigger than a normal keyboard, small enough to fit on a child's desk and makes it easy for a student to see over the top of the display and follow what their teacher is doing.
Middle School/High School:
Middle and High Schools are getting caught up in Wireless Connectivity more than ever. With texting and internet services at an all time high, all the students can think about is getting online or texting their friends or family members.
College Education:
Wireless Connectivity is also affecting college education. College students are using laptops and wireless internet more today than they ever had. Colleges now offer classes on the internet, some of them also being free.

Government, Politics and Employment

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Wireless Communication Systems: Government manufacturers, service companies and distributors are listed in this trusted and comprehensive vertical portal. The comprehensive directory provides access to full contact and ability information for sourcing professionals, engineers and researchers wishing to get information on Wireless Communication Systems: Government.

Wireless Connectivity, like twitter, helps get an important message out quickly. Many people had signed up for twitter when Barack Obama said that he would announce his running mate on twitter. People thought it was a good idea until he sent it out at around 3:00 A.M. Most people had kept their cell phones on that night and were very upset when their cell phones woke them up. It caused a great amount of controversy when Obama did that. Things like twitter are very good in some ways but at the same time be bad.

Employment has a lot to do with wireless connectivity. Millions of individuals work at home these days. They use laptops, cellphones, bluetooth, and navigational systems. Without these things, their jobs would not be possible, forcing men and woman with too much to handle, to go to jobs they hate and spend 10-12 hours there. Wirelessly connecting to their boss and fellow colleagues through email and text helps them efficiently do their jobs right from the couch.

WiFi_LAN 2.2
This new wireless software helps users connect to their desired network without getting in a fuss trying to disconnect to the network that you do not want. It automatically connects to your desired network each time. The software is invisible, and runs silently on start-up
“Software automation for wireless connections, disabling wireless connections when connected on a home or Office LAN. Running silently on startup, WiFi_LAN detects network changes on your PC/Laptop and disables/enables your wireless depending on if a LAN connection is detected. This software is primarily to prevent wireless network interference in an Office network environment. When businesses run through separate networks they can interfere and cause permission problems. This software alleviates this problem, without the need for network redesign.”

Arts, Entertainment and Leisure

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Wireless Connectivity in the Arts: One of the biggest forms of wireless connectivity that effects entertainment today is GAMING. Game consoles, which allow you to talk to your friends through a headset, no strings attached. The Xbox 360 was designed with a feature called Xbox Live, which allows you to voice chat using a wireless or wired headset. Microsoft is currently working on creating Live Anywhere, which lets you access Live anywhere you go, from your cellular device. Another form of wireless connectivity in the arts is EMAIL, cell phones today allow you to access your email right from your phone. This feature is not only helpful to the business world, but to the arts world as well. Actors and Actresses who are busy with their side jobs in order to make a living, simply don’t have the time or money to go to a computer and check their emails, with new internet accessible phones, they can check their email for any upcoming roles or auditions. Many people use their cell phones and pocket internet providers in their leisure time. Relaxing after a rough stressful day at school could be nice for a change. Just hope on your cell phone and call up a friend. Connecting through wireless to millions of individuals everyday is very helpful, and makes life a lot less stressful.

FLICKR- Uses the internet to share and host pictures and videos. These pictures and videos can be sent all over the world through email. It is also a web services suite which means that its properties stretch across all networks. It can be shared on a technology to technology basis. After you upload videos and pictures, you can transfer them to video websites like Google Video and YouTube. Pictures can also be uploaded to other websites, like MySpace and Facebook. As many of you Facebook users, you all know about "tags." The same thing is used in Flickr. They use tags to label their pictures. That way, browsing through pictures is very simple for people who need pictures for projects and presentations.
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Science, Environment, and Health

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Radio waves have been used as an information transmission medium for over a century (since Marconi in 1896), and yet it has only been in the last decade that wireless technology has begun to permeate everyday life to take on the tasks of wired equipment. Mobile phones, wireless internet and wireless data transfer between electronic devices have now become commonplace. Yet, in the fields of health and sports monitoring, where losing the constraints of wires might be most beneficial, the research that has been undertaken seems, from a wireless point of view, to be somewhat unimaginative.[3]

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