Tagging Standards for Flat Classroom Project

Diigo Group Tutorial

Using diigo, anyone may catalog and send websites for analysis to the students and participants in this project in the Flat Classroom Project Group.

We have created a flat classroom group on Diigo in order to share the bookmarks for this project. This helps us to research and share what we find so that we can then draw conclusions, summarize, and put it together. Sort of a common "brain." A great place to start your work is by surfing the internet and using the Diigo toolbar to bookmark and send items to your group. Use the tags that pop up when you say "send to group" and "flat classroom project" and you'll "send" the bookmark to the group.

To see the items for each group - use the links below.

Standard Tags for 2008

Note: If you install the diigo toolbar, and check the box "send to group" when you bookmark something, it will pull up these tags automatically.
Use flatclassroomproject as the general cross-topic tag for all bookmarks.


If you wish to "send" your link to a specific subgroup (like your own), you may also add one other tag to it. This is optional but would be convenient.

Sites recently tagged in our Group