The Summit is the culmination of the Flat Classroom project and are held in Elluminate and recorded.

What do I do in the summit?

Follow the Student Summit instructions. Each student shares for 1-2 minutes about their topic and the most important thing that they learned on the project in elluminate while their student summit photograph is showing on the screen. The summit is recorded and posted here along with the photographs. Teachers will prepare and load the graphics in the summit.

Who is invited?

Educators and professionals around the world often attend the summit. They are typically recorded and public.

Student Summit

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Eco Group, Oman

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Westwood 2008 Student Summit Graphics

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GHS 2008 Student Summit Graphics (Both groups)


Eco Group from Oman, Sunday December 7
Hawkesdale College from Australia, December 10
Goodlands from Kansas, USA, December 11, 9:30am EST , Elluminate Recording
Westwood Schools from Georgia, USA, Wednesday December 10, 9:15-9:50 EST Elluminate Recording
LACHSA from California, USA, Friday December 12, 4.30pm GMT - This session was a joint event between LACHSA and Eco Group from Oman. It was a wonderful experience (despite some technical difficulties from both sides of the world) as the real-time interaction made the project seem more real to everyone. Elluminate recording

Teacher Summit


Teacher Summit December 3/4, 2008. Elluminate recording .


BubbleShare: Share photos - Play some Online Games.