Research is an attempt by careful enquiry, experimentation, study, observation, analysis and recording to:
  • discover new facts, knowledge and information,
  • develop new interpretations of facts, knowledge or information, or
  • discover new means of applying existing knowledge.

Flat Classroom research topic: The use of Web 2.0 to help students in high school overcome ethnocentrism: A cross-cultural case study
Research questions will be answered by collecting data from the following:
1) Interviews
2) Observations
3) Survey
4) Historical Data

Two Flat Classroom classrooms will be chosen to participate soon. I'm looking forward to working with you!

Research for Flat Classroom

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Ethnocentrism can be broken down into the following two words: 'ethno' meaning group and 'centrism' meaning centered. Fluck (2003) further defines it as one's group becomes the center of everything, and all others are scaled and rated in reference to it.


Good website on stopping student to student ethnocentrism by Laura Higgins Florand
Good website on opposing ethnocentrism by Wesley Fryer



Research (cont)

Craig Union, Atlanta, GA