All instructors are encouraged to upload any materials that they use for this project to share with the others. These are just resources. Each instructor has the flexibility to meet the current needs of their class.

Week ending October 31

From Tanya - GHS wiki with lesson plans.

Week ending Friday October 10

From Julie and Vicki -
  • Flat Classroom Project 2008 Overview: Explaining the Concepts and Topics handout

Getting Started - Lesson Plan from Vicki (October 7)
1 - Go to Last year's project - http://flatclassroomproject.
2 - Read the page for the project that is your assigned topic - http://flatclassroomproject.
3 - Do think pair share and summarize to a partner (if you have them in the classroom) - those who don't have partners in the class will share w/the whole class w/ me guiding.
4 - Join the Diigo Group (I'm going to do this automatically w the spreadsheet)
5 - Find and bookmark 3 links relating to your topic and summarize the links
6 - Embed the Diigo Tag roll on your group wiki page (Only I need to do this as I have one student on each team) - see http://projecthelp.wikispaces. com/Diigo+Group to see how to do this.
7 - After one person on your team embeds the current links for your tag onto the wiki, leave a mesage on the discussion tab of the main team wiki page about what you've done and some of the most important stuff you've found.

For editing wiki:

1 - When you delete the instructions off the wiki - make sure you put in the comments when you did it so the others can go in the history and see the instructions.
2 - Students, after they have a little research, should just start writing and adding information onto the wiki page. The wiki page should always be in a final format -- you TALK about the page under discussion - you EDIT the page on the wiki page itself.
3 - After each day that the students work, they should leave a message on discussion about what they did and what they think needs to happen next - it helps the team know that everyone else is there.

Next week - after a week of editing, I'll help my students build a PLN and RSS reader to monitor the pages - I do this after a little editing and will have help files built and up next week on this.

Tip: I tell students -- "You will know that you've done well editing today if you have added about _ number of words and _ hyperlinks.)

Lesson Plans from Estie Cuellar