Teacher Instructions

The Flat Classroom Project 2008 has over 200 students from 8 different countries. It is very important that all teachers and classes follow the same timeline and understand the expectations for each week or period of time.
All meetings are recorded and archived in this Elluminate table. If you miss a meeting please replay and listen to the conversation to be able to keep up with the project.

Week ending Friday December 5

  1. Multimedia artifact/video deadline to December 5 to be part of the final judging. Please make sure all videos are added to the Master List of Final Videos AND embedded in the correct wiki.
  2. Teacher Summit: Wednesday December 3 at 3PM EST, 8PM GMT, 11PM Doha, 7AM Thursday morning Australia.
  3. Student Summits: Don't forget to ask Vicki to set up the Elluminate room for your summit, and then to invite us to come in and be part of it. Anytime this week or next week.
  4. Project evaluations: Please ask students to share these reflections on the Flat Classroom Ning as well as on their personal blogs. We really appreciate the time and effort that goes into writing them and want them to be shared.
  5. Awards Ceremony: December 16th! All judging and meta-judging (by Barbara Stefanics) will be completed and we will have the Awards Ceremony in Elluminate. Time to be confirmed next week.

Week ending Friday November 28

  1. Online teacher meeting in Elluminate: Monday November 24 at 3PM EST, 8PM GMT, 11PM Doha, 7AM Tuesday morning Australia.
  2. Meeting recording in Elluminate
  3. Agenda for meeting:
    • Final video production and submission for judging
    • Judging process review
    • Student Summits in Elluminate: dates and times
    • Teacher Summit: date and time
    • Awards show: date and time
  4. NEW Video deadline: Friday December 5 (all videos to be uploaded to Ning, added to Master video list and embedded on the correct sub-wiki page).
  5. Review of Student Summit procedures (this is optional but a very powerful experience for teachers and students) - let Vicki know exact date and time for student summit for your class, if you are doing this for Elluminate room creation
  6. Teacher Summit: Wednesday December 3 at usual meeting time
  7. Awards Ceremony: Tuesday December 16 at usual meeting time

Week ending Friday November 21

  1. Online teacher meeting in Elluminate: Tuesday November 18 at 4:15pm EST, 9:15pm GMT, 12:15am (Wednesday) Doha, 8:15am Australia. Link to Elluminate recording
  2. Outsourced clips should be done, classes need to move to finishing their personal video.

Week ending Friday November 14

  1. Online teacher meeting in Elluminate tbc
  2. Outsourced video clips need to be requested and created this week. There may be some stragglers who get theirs done next week, if lucky, however this is the main week for completion.
  3. Please make sure you and your students have reviewed ALL material for creating the multimedia artifact (see links from this wiki in the navigation bar). ALL video need to be uploaded to the Ning (outsourced clips and final videos)
  4. Thank you to those who responded to the Keynote from Terry Freedman. I know Terry was pleased to go in and respond and challenge the students further.
  5. This week and next week the Sounding Board classrooms will be reviewing the wiki work. They will leave comment in the discussion tab for the students to read and respond to. There is then a chance to fix up the wiki before the project concludes.

Week ending Friday November 7

  1. Online teacher meeting in Elluminate: Tuesday November 4, 3PM EST, 7PM GMT, 10PM Doha, 6AM Wednesday morning Australia Recording of Meeting
  2. Your outsourced video request should be in by the end of this week, and you and your class should have created some video clips to send to others as per their request.
  3. Work on final videos needs to start as soon as possible..however do make time to help others with the outsourced requests...we need to make links to support students via our teacher meetings as well.
  4. Watch the Keynote this week and ask students to respond via the discussion tab on the Keynote wiki page. Terry Freedman has created a sincere and accessible video looking at embedding flatness into everyday life. I know you will enjoy his message.

Week ending Friday October 31

  1. Online teacher meeting in Elluminate: Tuesday October 28 3PM EST, 7PM GMT, 10PM Doha, 6AM Wednesday morning Australia Elluminate meeting recording Oct. 28
  2. Video planning should be starting this week and moving forward as efficiently as possible.
  3. Outsourced video requests need to be added to this wiki, some students are discussing on the Ning and on the discussion tab of each wiki topic, however to be official the requests must go on the outsourced wiki using the template provided.
  4. A must read article about 'Rigor Defined' from ASCD discusses the 7 survival skills needed to survive in the world of work. ALL of these align with the Flat Classroom Project and have direct relevance to discussions we are having as educators attempting this pedagogical approach.

Week ending Friday October 24

  1. Online teacher meeting in Elluminate: Tuesday October 21, 6am EST, 10amGMT, 1pm Doha, 9pm Australia
  2. Expert advisors to start this week.
  3. Teachers continue with wiki roster set up by Steve M. Try to add encouraging comments in the discussion tab of the wiki you are assigned to.
  4. Preparation to be done leading to choosing video topic and requesting outsourced video clip.

Week ending Friday October 17

  1. Online teacher meeting in Elluminate: Monday October 13, 3PM EST, 7PM GMT, 10PM Doha, 6AM Tuesday morning Australia Live recording of Elluminate meeting - please play if you were not at the meeting

Week ending Friday October 10

  1. Now is the time to be finalising all student names on the TEAM GRID (google doc invitation sent to all teachers). Once the student know what team he/she is on they can then find their wiki page (already set up with templates) via the Teams wiki
  2. A good start is to watch the Friedman video where he talks about The World is Flat. This will start conversation and generate ideas about each topic.
  3. Don't forget to share lesson plans and resources via the Lesson Plan wiki
  4. Diigo is the tool we are using to share resources. Make sure you add your student details to this spreadsheet, read the online Diigo help, and join the Diigo group

Week ending Friday September 26

  1. Flat Classroom Project 2008 classrooms are finalised. All teachers contacted and confirmed.
  2. A classroom grid is created on the wiki and completed by each participating teacher.
  3. All classroom teachers signed up for Ning and Wiki and joined the Flat Classroom Project 2008 group on the Ning.
  4. All classroom teachers signed up for Flat Classroom Project Google Group (this is a VERY important step as we need to know you are receiving all communications through this teacher-only forum).
  5. Research permission forms distributed to teachers, filled in by students and collected by teachers to keep on file.
  6. Teachers have ALL participating students join the Flat Classroom Project 2008 Wiki and Flat Classroom Project Ning
  7. Students are encouraged to 'handshake' on the Ning by writing and/or recording an introduction
  8. Lesson plans are shared from last year and classrooms teachers encouraged to share lesson ideas and plans this year via the Google group and/or wiki
  9. Add school, class etc information to the table on the home page for this project.