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Qatar Academy


Winona Senior High School -- Global Studies Class

Winona, Minnesota, USA
Winona Senior High School
The U.S. Midwest

Winona is located two hours south of Minneapolis. Winona is located on the Mississippi River. Winona is located on the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin. Minnesota is located in the middle of the United States, we are not near New York or Los Angeles.

Goodland High School - 21st Century Skills


Goodland is located in the northwest corner of the state of Kansas, 17 miles from the Colorado state line.

Capital High School

Helena, Montana, USA

Capital High School is a suburban high school in Helena, Montana, USA. We are the state capitol of Montana.


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Hereford High School

Hereford, Texas, USA

State of Texas Map

Hereford is located in what is called the Texas Panhandle. We are located in the upper Northwest part of the state of Texas. We are 45 miles east of the New Mexico state line and 45 miles from Amarillo, Texas and 110 miles from Lubbock, Texas home to Texas Tech University and the famous 1950's Rock 'n Roll singer Buddy Holly.

Amarillo and Lubbock are the two largest cities in the Texas Panhandle. Hereford is located in Deaf Smith County which is named for Erastus "Deaf" Smith. We are 30 miles from Canyon, Texas home of the Palo Duro Canyon, known as the Grand Canyon of Texas.

Hereford, Texas is called as The Beef Capital of the World with cattle feedlots housing over one million cattle. The primary industries are cattle feeding and agriculture.

MICDS external image large_photo44003_206511.jpg

MICDS is a private college prepatory school in Missouri. Missouri is located between Illinois and Kansas. We are located in St. Louis, which is the gateway to the west. St. Louis is located in the heart of the mid-west, and is home to the best baseball team in America, the Cardinals.

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Hawkesdale P12 College

Hawkesdale, Victoria, Australia
Hawkesdale P12 Collegeis a small rural country school in south eastern Australia. There are 250 students from years prep to 12 (5 -18 year old students). The school is set on the edge of a small town of 150 inhabitants. Most students live on farms and are bussed into school. Our school hours are from 8:50am to 3:30pm. Hawkesdale is often referred as the "Heart of the Hinterland" as it is on a busy tourist route between the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians or Gariwerd to the north. Warrnambool is our closest city.